David Lynch’s ice bucket challenge video gives me strength

  • Dick Moves Commonly Made By The 16 Types


    ESTJ: Will not give a damn how you might be doing or what your priorities are; if you’re not measuring up by their standards it’s simply because you are deliberately trying to piss them off.
    ESFJ: Will throw a shit fit about how you are tearing whatever group apart if you request even the slightest bit of independence.
    ISTJ: Will act wastefully alarmist every time you try to do something new and different, and probably insult you for it, too.
    ISFJ: Will become a totally whiny sad-sack if you don’t pay them the attention they think they have earned.
    ENTJ: Will openly mock you in conversations, also while probably not letting you get a word in edgewise.
    ENTP: Will play shitty devils-advocate games over every issue imaginable.
    INTJ: Will blow you off to work; whatever their definition of work may be at that time.
    INTP: Will forget half the things you tell them and make you feel completely insignificant.
    ENFJ: Will treat you like a project rather than just being your friend.
    ENFP: Will forget that you are friends if you fail to keep daily contact with them.
    INFJ: Will compensate for their complexes about feeling insignificant and misunderstood by dominating conversations.
    INFP: Will sanctimoniously defend and try to make you empathize with your worst enemies.
    ESTP: Will make a wide array of promises they have no intent on keeping.
    ESFP: Will interrupt you to inquire urgently about random sights/sounds/smells.
    ISTP: Will go way too far with sarcastic remarks.
    ISFP: Will oversimplify everything and tease you if you don’t.

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  • I’m really tired of skinny/fit/average people complaining about how fat they feel. I’m not trying to clown on people that suffer from body dismorphia, but I don’t think others realize how undermining it is to people that struggle with being overweight

  • FYF Fest 2014

    FYF was this past weekend and the experience was nothing short of amazing. because no one in particular asked for it, I thought I’d make a short run down of the proceedings because what the fuck else am I using this blog for. keep in mind that for the most part this will be longwinded ramblings and largely intelligble


    issues with getting into the park set aside, the promoters did a good job making the event streamlined and accessible (conveniently placed rail drop off, app with set times and map, handing out water). my only real gripe with the obscenely long lines was that I was forced to miss Angel Olsen who had one of the earliest sets of the day -_____- but I digress

    Slint - only really stuck around to see their set for about a half hour, but was very impressed by what I saw. really moody, heavy and LOUD AS FUCK. peaked enough of my interest to check out more of their oeuvre

    XXYYXX - dude’s beats had crazy knock, it was damn near impossible not to become enraptured in the weight of bass alone. everyone was grooving, dancing, acting a general fool, it was great. pretty much picked me up after a few hours of idling in line and traversing from act to act to no avail

    Little Dragon - admittedly I’m not the biggest fan of their work (only listened to their first two albums, liked them well enough at the time) but they put on a great show. was amazed by the size of the crowd they drew in. some dude was walking around with Kim and Kanye cut outs so it was hilarious seeing their disembodied heads floating among a sea of people. plus Yukimi Nagano is such an incredible vocal talent I’d find it hard not to stand in awe of it

    Run The Jewels - easily the most fun I had all day. EL-P and Killer Mike have incredible chemistry together, the camaraderie between the two is undeniable. Killer Mike can rap circles around the so-called best but EL is more than capable of holding his own. between songs there were offhand remarks directed to the audience and playful shit talk but it was all in the spirit of fun. and man do the two really know how to move a crowd. jumped into the pit for a couple songs just for the fuck of it. I can tell you out of experience that there’s no feeling in the world more satisfying than throwing up the wu-tang “W” in a sea of diehard fans, but the RTJ closed fist and accompanying pointed fingers comes pretty damn close to it

    Slowdive - this is embarrassing, only because I ended up missing their set all together (way to hyped at RTJ to dip out early). they just reunited and were one of the bands I wanted to see the most so I’m not gonna get over this one anytime soon. the worst part is that I had an hour of downtime before their was someone else that I wanted to see. you guys can shame me all you want later

    Interpol - Interpol was the band that I deeply fell for at first listen, near the end of my high school days, curtailing my teens and leading up to early adulthood. Turn On The Bright Lights still overwhelms me with feelings of that time, it’s essentially interwoven into that part of my life. I’ve always wanted to see them perform but the opportunity had never presented itself until now. and it just wasn’t the same. it was by no means awful, it’s was great actually, but the effect they would have had on me say five years back pales in comparison to how I feel now. but still, the nostalgia got to me when they played NYC. I can’t say I walked away from them disappointed

    Grimes - at this point of the night I was exhausted so my energy was wavering but my enthusiasm was at it’s highest for my girl Claire. Grimes walked out on stage, cute as a button, seemingly anxious to get started. RTJ may have been the most fun I had on Saturday but Grimes was hands down the best performance of the night. the show was very bare bones with loads wind and smoke machines, Grimes mostly dancing wildly, accompanied by dancers, a lot of flailing about and delivering otherworldy vocals punctuated by screaming and barking. honestly one of the strangest and simultaneously the most engrossing shows I’ve ever witnessed. it was obvious that Grimes was feeling her shit more than anyone else possibly could, the overall feeling that she was having the time of her life and the audience was more than welcome to get into the groove if it suited them too. excitedly at a loss for words every time she spoke to the crowd. she brought out Blood Diamonds and performed a few new songs, got the entire crowd to uniformly bounce around and lose all inhibition. the most appropriate way to cap off the night, it’s hard to imagine anyone being able to following it

    Ty Segall - Ty’s cool and all, really love his music, but really not the type of act I want to see closing out the show, especially after Grimes. stuck around for a few songs, jammed out to some new material then called it a night and started making my way home


    the event organizers got their shit together and made access to the show much easier to navigate, appropriately staffing people all over the park, making water cheap and readily available as far as the eye can see

    Kelela - after an initial missed opportunity of catching Joanna Gruesome, I started my day in the arena once again to sample some relatively unknown artists. Kelela was pretty cool, following the trend of heavy and moody R&B with a flair for the theatrical. she has a very bombastic feel to her music so that’s right up my alley

    Mac DeMarco - had to cut out early from Kelela to get a good spot for Mac at the main stage. I’ve very much grown into a huge fan of his over the past year so he was an absolute must see for me. he played most of the hits from 2 and Salad Days and performed with a general air of fun. Mac and his band are also pretty hilarious so that really smoothed things over. I can’t say that anyone that isn’t already a fan of his would have swooned they way I may have but I met a few converts after it was all said and done. my only real complaint would be that it wasn’t loud enough. but getting to sing Together in a huge crowd was pretty rewarding in itself

    The Bronx - The Bronx was another band that I’ve been fond of since my high school days, from the very start when I heard Shitty Future. for a band that’s been established for as long as they have that also dabbles in a mariachi side project, they showed no signs of losing the sheen and sheer energy that’s prevalent in their music. this was the first of the many pits I participated in throughout the day. walked away from the show chasing a high of pure adrenaline rather than exhaustion. I very much recommend checking them out if they pass by your local town

    Earl Sweatshirt - FUCK DUDE. ODD FUTURE FANS ARE THE FUCKING WORST. but once you’re able to get past the incessant obnoxiousness of it you’re in for a load of fun. at several points the pit devolved into more of a mush of people swaying around in the midst of thrashing. Earl performed solo for the most part, accompanied by Hodgy near the end of his set, but he was able to command the audience like a seasoned pro, switching off between a rousing stir to off the wall rowdiness. all the new tracks he debuted were beyond stellar. Earl can get a crowd hyped like he’s been doing it for years, I could honestly go on gushing over it so I’ll just move on

    Flying Lotus - I’ve been fortunate enough to see flylo perform dozens of times, but it had been close to a year since I had last seen him so this particular set felt like I was coming home to see a dear friend. on the visual front this show was unmatched. strangeloop and flylo have definitely been hard at work to curate the performance into a full blown experience at this point. flylo also offered a generous sampler of his upcoming album, it’s a little over a month away from release but I feel confident in saying it’s gonna be the record to beat this year. after a whirlwind of bangers and classics flylo did a songs under his rapping alias Captain Murphy, so it added a nice touch to the proceedings. the absolute best performance of his that I’ve seen

    Deafheaven - I nearly called it a day after Flying Lotus but I knew I’d never forgive myself if didn’t see Deafheaven. George Clarke has such a distinctly pronounced stage presence, the audience was practically bending it the mercy of the simplest flick of the wrist. it was the first kind of any metal show I had been to so I was surprised by how well I fell into the sync of it. Sunbather is what I would consider a nearly immaculate record and they only improved upon it on stage, all at once becoming a head trip and intoxicatingly beautiful. my only complaint is that they didn’t play longer

    in conclusion

    after spending two straight days among thousands of screaming, sweaty strangers and seeing so many different types of artists, I’ve realized that when you get to the essence of what happens when a person falls slave to a rhythm, they all do the same primal form of dance that wouldn’t seem out of place in any given setting. everyone I interacted with was kind and accommodating, and I can’t help but feel like it’s because we all realized we were in it together. at the very least that’s what I want to believe. all the artists brought their A game. all the new music they debuted was transcendent. two days have gone by and I’m still incredibly sore from the ordeal. best weekend of the summer, right? see you guys next year

  • pandora desperately tries to shoehorn phantogram songs into any kind of station you make almost without fail and I just want it to stop